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A crawl space, also known as a cellar or utility room, is an unused, unfinished, closed, narrow area in a structure above the earth’s foundation level. The term ‘crawl space’ is popular because of the typical uninviting and cold feeling it creates; the lack of insulation; the lack of mechanical ventilation; the lack of good ventilation; the inability to install ductwork; the inability to install any sort of plumbing; and the temperature-controlled conditions that usually exist within a crawl space. If you are thinking about purchasing a home in Atlanta, Georgia or anywhere else for that matter, then it is imperative that you know all about crawl spaces, their usefulness, and their drawbacks. This article aims to provide that knowledge by providing you with an outline of what a crawl space (also known as a cellar) is, the advantages and disadvantages of having one installed in your home, and how you can go about making sure that it remains an excellent and useful addition to your property.

What is a Crawl Space? – A crawl space, sometimes called a cellar, is a fairly typical room located below the earth’s surface in a residential dwelling. It is used almost exclusively for storage purposes; though it is not uncommon to use them for heat and/or as a workshop, game room, music studio, etc. The typical material used to build a crawl space, other than wood, is concrete and stone. The walls are constructed with a mixture of two types of material: insulation and masonry. The floor is usually made from poured concrete and sealed with a layer of structural material to prevent moisture from penetrating the base material.

Why Would You Want a Crawl Space Installed? – A crawl space can be an excellent and beneficial addition to a property, if it is designed properly. A properly designed and built space will trap heat better than any other type of structure, and will also provide ventilation for a property. When properly installed and utilized, it can save on energy costs significantly. If there is a problem with the structure (such as the presence of water or excessive amounts of heat), it can often be solved by simply replacing portions of the structure.

What Are the Advantages of Crawl Spaces? – A crawl space has many positive benefits, especially for those who have a family with very young children. A space can be designed to be as child proof as possible. Mold and mildew can often be eliminated, and the basement can be kept dry during periods of high humidity.

Can Crawl Spots Cause Structural Damage? – A major problem associated with crawl spaces is the occurrence of structural damage caused by moisture absorption. As more houses are built with the practice of a crawl space, more homeowners are becoming aware of the possibility of this happening. In order to prevent structural damage, homeowners may want to install a special moisture barrier directly over the foundation.

Is There an Effective Method of Crawl Space Insulation? – One approach is to use polystyrene insulation, which is extremely effective at preventing heat loss and keeping the temperature in a crawl space uniform throughout the year. Another option is to use extremely tight-fitting foam insulation, which is even more effective at preventing heat loss. In addition, insulating material can also help prevent electrical wiring from being damaged due to the expansion and contraction that can occur with humidity levels in a basement.


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